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The Washington Wine Show-‘One bottle at a Time” fills a particular void in the growing online space for wine and social media. That void is for Washington wine. There are more than 25 wine podcasts out there, but there is no other podcast that specifically covers Washington wine. And, there is no other wine podcast that focuses on a single bottle of wine per show, giving my audience deep knowledge about wine, and whereby they can become instant experts. Over a period of six months to a year, the audience will have acquired enough knowledge about Washington wine to bravely go into any store, any restaurant, and order wine with virtually no intimidation. The audience for wine in social media is large and getting larger each day as the demand in the U.S. for wine is now out pacing beer and spirits. Yet, people are still lost when it comes to knowing which wines they should spend their money on. The show brings real social value.

My show would easily be categorized under the Food and Wine section on iTunes or any other podlist.

This first episode feature Liberty Bay Cellars 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon. I interview a professional sommelier, Larry Davidson, and a wine shop owner, Jeff Tweiten, who sells this wine. The music for the show was produced by me using Garage Band and Jam Pack, so it is royalty free.

06.10.08 Episode 1 – 2003 Liberty Bay Cabernet Sauvignon
Total Length: 34:15
0:00 Intro
1:20 Why Washington wine
4:42 Interview with Larry Davidson
18:45 Interview with Jeff Tweiten
33:15 Outro

You can link to the iTunes (m4a) ready version of the PODCAST HERE
You can link to an MP3 version of the PODCAST HERE.


The podcast I have been listening most to is OnThePage: Screenwriting with Pilar Allesandra. The web site features a cool interface that was designed in Flash. It’s easy to find everything you want to know about script consulting or classes offered by On The Page. However, there is a massive, gaping hole where the blog should be and it will take some hunting to find the link to the podcast. I don’t really understand that. Is she downplaying the podcast and finds no need for a blog? Or is it something she didn’t expect to find such a large following and hasn’t gotten around to updating her web page on? Either way, this is a big mistake. I have emailed with her in the past this quarter so I will contact her and suggest she make some adjustments.

Truth be told, the only blog I follow with regularity is Stuff White People Like. I think it’s absolutely hilarious. I know there a lot of people who don’t, but the don’t like Family Guy or South Park either, or Will Ferrel, and well, I do. So what? The design is really just a basic Word Press design but they do a spectacular job with the photos so that the whole thing looks like a Pottery Barn catalog or something from J. Crew. They are publishing a book next month and maybe they will have an entire new design since they are getting so popular.

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