I learned a lot in this class. But, I did not learn what I thought I would. I thought I would learn all about the technical aspects of podcasting and indeed, I ultimately did. However, I learned that on my own through much painful trial and error. What I did learn, and this was unexpected, was how important podcasting is in the toolbox of social media. And, I learned that it is hard to podcast on a regular basis. By doing it on my own I have developed a much deeper respect for the medium and what it takes to produce a regularly occurring podcast.

The books we read were good and motivating. I particularly enjoyed the Business Podcasting Book. The chapters on how to inspire and introduce podcasting to large organizations seem far flung from my perspective. I work in a large organization and I know what it takes to get anything done. It is inevitable I think that social media will become a daily consideration, if it is not already, and I think podcasting will be included.

I also really enjoyed the guest speakers. This was the best part of the class to me. Taking advantage of Kathy Gill’s contacts really proved to be the most enlightening part of the class for me. Hearing from people who have made podcasting a part of their work life, or haven’t, put the theoretical into practicum and that always drives home certain realities to anything studied from arms length.

The group podcast was a great experience and I have enormous appreciation for my team and the effort put in by each member. I am proud of the podcast we produced and feel the Seattle Podcasting Club responded favorably to our efforts.

Finally, my own podcast was so fun to do, even though it was hard, that I will continue to do it on a regular basis. That probably says more than anything about the failure or success of a new class. I intend to keep doing it after the class is over. I recently showed my mother how to find podcasts and how RSS feeds work. I have become an evangelist and this must be considered another mark of success for the class and the digital media program at the UW.