The podcast I have been listening most to is OnThePage: Screenwriting with Pilar Allesandra. The web site features a cool interface that was designed in Flash. It’s easy to find everything you want to know about script consulting or classes offered by On The Page. However, there is a massive, gaping hole where the blog should be and it will take some hunting to find the link to the podcast. I don’t really understand that. Is she downplaying the podcast and finds no need for a blog? Or is it something she didn’t expect to find such a large following and hasn’t gotten around to updating her web page on? Either way, this is a big mistake. I have emailed with her in the past this quarter so I will contact her and suggest she make some adjustments.

Truth be told, the only blog I follow with regularity is Stuff White People Like. I think it’s absolutely hilarious. I know there a lot of people who don’t, but the don’t like Family Guy or South Park either, or Will Ferrel, and well, I do. So what? The design is really just a basic Word Press design but they do a spectacular job with the photos so that the whole thing looks like a Pottery Barn catalog or something from J. Crew. They are publishing a book next month and maybe they will have an entire new design since they are getting so popular.