This week’s readings were all about format. What kind of format should my podcast be about and what kind of podcast would my team produce?

For my own personal podcast, I am following the advice given in the Business Podcasting Book and focusing on a very specific niche. I’ve also listened to all of my “competitors” out there and have made a determination about where I can differentiate myself. Of course, they aren’t really competitors at all, more like mentors and what I aspire to be like. Yes, I am purposely not saying what the show will be.

The Tricks of the Podcasting Masters reading really gave me a breakdown on the more popular types of genres. I’ve listened to the sports examples so that my team will have the knowledge it needs to make a good show without copying others too closely. It’s amazing just how much podcasting is out there.

I find it interesting that since I’ve started this class I have asked lots of people if they listen to podcasts and almost uniformly they say no. Yet all of the statistics show that podcasting is gaining in popularity. Hmmmm? Perhaps it’s the people I know?