A podcast I recently discovered and have been listening to is On the Page with host Pilar Allesandra. Pilar is a script consultant and respected teacher of screenwriting. The 30-minute podcast is all about screenwriting and Pilar always has guests on each week. When I discovered the podcast, the show was up to episode 34 but—again, this is the beautiful part of podcasting—I chose to start listening at show number 1 and just catch up. I am traveling this week and so I have listened quite a bit while on the road. I am up to show 9.

Pilar does the show right. What I mean by that is that everything I am learning in this class and from our two books about how to produce and conduct a podcast successfully, she is doing well. Each week she has a guest on the show who is a writer or somebody connected to the craft of screenwriting and she both interviews them as well as has them read and answer questions posted by people on her web site. She has a producer, Matt Belknap, who also participates on the show and lends credibility because he is a professional script reader for Imagine Entertainment.

She conducts the show in a loose style with lots of joking around while at the same time she is prepared and knows what she wants to get out of her guests. She allows the personalities of everyone, including herself, to shine through and really creates the feeling that you are in the room with everyone just watching them have a conversation over a beer. She often references her web site, her classes, and then provides a ten minute writing exercise near the end of each show so there is some structure and some expectation for the listener. She is very consistent which I really admire and appreciate.

This is a great example of how to do an interview show while covering a specific topic.