These are the blogs and podcasts I am linking up in my blogroll to start off with.

Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code
Could I consider myself a podcaster or even a diligent student of podcasting if I didn’t link to Adam Curry? I don’t think so. His tagline says it all: “There are no secrets. Only information you do not yet have.” He has it. I need it.

Podcasting Academy
The book we are reading The Business Podcasting Book: Launching, Marketing, and Measuring Your Podcast, is put out by the Podcasting Academy. Just tons of endless information of podcasting—legal, professional, financial—a must have in any podcaster’s repertoire.

Podcasting Underground: Podcasting Tips for Podcasters
More great information put out by Jason Van Orden going back to 2005.

The Blue Room Seattle
The Blue Room Seattle is a show produced by artists and musicians. A world of creativity from a perspective that the mass media could never provide.

The one that started it all for me. Gary Vaynerchuk’s daily wine video blog. I am a Vayniak and proud of it. My screen name is syrahhhhhhhhh (that’s 9 h’s). Here’s me and Gary.

syrahhhhhhhhh and Gary at Taste Washington April 5, 2008